GROUNDBREAKINGFLORALS with Lucas Grogan, Wellington NZ – 23rd February

Come into his garden! He wants his roses to see you.

Join Lucas Grogan for his first NZ teaching gig ever!
Together we will make the dozen roses we each so richly deserve.
First creating and cutting your own unique floral design, students will use multiple techniques, media and text (strictly no cursive permitted) to create your own bouquet of unique monographs that celebrates and desecrates the reasons we send and receive flowers.
One set of twelve will strictly be made exclusively for the students themselves, then another set of twelve to be shared amongst each of the students. You’ll have to be fast, be willing and be open to get this project done. This will be an opportunity to experiment, over-share and reconnect with what you’re capable of, what you want and what you really think.
And don’t be scared of making mistakes! As Grogan says “some of my fondest memories are people falling over or buying a gym membership on purpose!” Whilst working with the same floral stencil over and over again in multiple different ways you’ll produce some works that are trite, vengeful or downright sad. Individually these would be pathetic. But in a dozen- mate…. that’s a story.
It’ll be fun. Grogan is hilarious. Grogan’s practise spans multiple disciplines, has collaborated with major brands (and said fuck no to more) and exhibits internationally. He’s widely disliked but curiously respected.
Come into his garden! He wants his roses to see you.


$240.00 inc GST

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